Minority T.V. Ownership in The U.S. Still Lags

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FCC Corrects Minority Ownership Figure The FCC has corrected a blog posting by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler that had asserted there was “not a single minority-owned TV station in the country.” Wheeler has pointed to the lack of minority ownership as one … Continue reading

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AT&T Spends $15.5 Billion with Certified Diverse Suppliers

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AT&T’s recent announcement that it spent over $15 billion in 2013, accounting for 28 percent of its total spend for the year, with certified diverse suppliers is a historic accomplishment for the company.  My company, MasTec, is certified as a … Continue reading

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Why a Comcast merger could be good for TWC customers

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Interesting take on Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable.  How can one of the biggest mergers in the cable market ever be a good thing for consumers? CNET’s Marguerite Reardon explains. As reported on CNET: Time Warner Cable CEO … Continue reading

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Leveraging the Wireless Industry to Give Back to America’s Veterans

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As I reflect on some of the milestones reached by the Warriors 4 Wireless (W4W) Project, I feel compelled to share the work of this project as far and wide as I can.  When I agreed to have my company, … Continue reading

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Who Are the U.S. Investment Heroes of 2013?

Posted on by Jose Mas

U.S. Investment Heroes of 2013: The Companies Betting on America’s Future 09/19/2013 Policy Memo By Diana G Carew and Michael Mandel For too long, U.S. policymakers have focused narrowly on boosting consumers’ buying power, assuming that the productive end of the economy will take care of itself. … Continue reading

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